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Product Recall Destruction

Product Recall Destruction

Product Recall Destruction is a request from a manufacturer to return a product that is potentially harmful to the consumer. Some recalls may be ordered by the FDA or be voluntarily ordered by the manufacturer.

Reasons for recalls:

  • Food may be contaminated with glass, metal, or bacteria.
  • Medical devices may be faulty, mismarked, and in some cases expired or obsolete.
  • Counterfeit items may need to be destroyed to protect consumers from purchasing what they thought was a genuine brand.
  • Some products are recalled limiting corporate image ruin and reduce liability for corporate negligence.

HNHS can handle small to large recalls of product for destruction and/or recycling.

We have experience with FDA recalls and destruction of different medical devices and auxiliary equipment for the healthcare industry.

We will recycle and/or destroy material by grinding or shredding to an unusable state as requested.

In some instances, we will have it incinerated. We offer a documented Certificate of Destruction with a breakdown of when and what materials were recycled or destroyed.

Please contact us if you have more questions.

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