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HNHS Advantage

Healthcare organizations of all types and sizes can take advantage of the benefits and savings of our partnerships with hospital networks to provide you with cost effective essential services.

We Offer A Customized Product

We were founded by major hospital networks that understood the importance of saving money without sacrificing quality. Because of this ingrained belief, we will work with you to create the right plan for your business. Our team will work with you to determine not only what services you need, but also the frequency of pickups. That means no more paying every month when you only need a quarterly pickup. We want to be your partner and help you with your waste management program.

US DOT 49 CFR 171-180 web-based training is included FREE as an added benefit to our service.

What HNHS Can Do For You

Whether you are a small practice, veterinary clinic, tattoo parlor, casino, prison, hotel/resort or major healthcare provider, HNHS can help you reduce the costs that are associated with regulated medical waste disposal. We will work with you to achieve your waste disposal goals. HNHS wants you to succeed.

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